Here you can download selected STUDIA reports (or excerpts thereof).

EBIM – Low-emission commuting with intelligent micro-public transport

Final report of the STUDIA project EBIM (Low-emission commuting with intelligent micro-public transport) in German.Graphic depiction of Vehicle (Shuttle)

Courageous Commune: Civil Society Capacity to Act in the Face of Violence

Many places suffer from vandalism and violence. What can citizens do? A municipality becomes capable of action.
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EMPLOCTOOL – Evaluating local commitment for employment

Regions care about employment and jobs. An economic and social assessment of European initiatives.
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Energy-saving, citizen-friendly, automated mobility

preview_pdf-energiesparendAutonomous driving in public transport is an energy-saving concept of the future. What does the Kirchdorf-Steyr region need?
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FAMOS – Development of a family-friendly small biogas plant

Folie 1
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FAMOS – Gender-sensitive product development tool

Biogas production does not have to be a male domain. Women have different demands. What solutions are needed?
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Integration Guide for Rural Communities

Integrationsleitfaden 1.7
Rural communities may not have big budgets. Nevertheless, they can do a lot for migrants.
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Added value of agriculture

1. Progress Rp EFFECTIVE
What condition are fields and farms in? That makes a great deal of difference to our quality of life. German and Austrian regions in comparison.
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Sustainability effects of the rural development programme


The Austrian Rural Development Programme brings money to the countryside. Does this help farmers to maintain farms and cultivate land?
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Austrian cement locations – driving force for the region

Solid building materials are often not transported far. Their production creates added value in the region and jobs.
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Saving the Memory of the 1945 Death March: Evaluation EINHALT

Remembering and commemorating do not turn the gaze backwards, but also into the future. They create valuable and unique encounters.
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Sustainable biogas production in organic farming: Best Practice Cases

Max Mustermann
Biogas production is unfairly discredited. There are ecological alternatives. Examples from Europe.
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Sustainable biogas production in organic farming: Summary

Biogas is a sustainable energy source. A European project is drawing up criteria.
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Solid wood modular furniture from national park regions

Traditional craftsmanship, ecological image and international design add value to valuable wood. A cooperation between Bavaria and Upper Austria.
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Let’s consider … Acceptance of monuments and commemorations

The Second World War fascinates young people – especially when it has to do with their own origins and region. EU project EINHALT.
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ZEITBANK 55+ – Benefits of a self-help model

Being able to help yourself in old age and stay in your familiar home – this requires organisation and community.
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