Graphic depiction of Vehicle (Shuttle)

Project title:
Low emission commuting with smart micro public transport services (EBIM-ÖV)

Project partner:
FH OÖ Forschungs und Entwicklungs GmbH, Research Group: Networks and Mobility

Project aim:
The basic aim of this project is to establish a scientific and technical basis für a broadly accepted micro public transport service for solving the first and last mile problem. As a result, we expect a reduction of individual traffic in the respective rural areas, particularly along the highly frequented commuter roads, and a reduction in CO2 emissions concomittant therewith.

Project procedure:
A detailed description of the project can be found here at FH OÖ.

Project period:
01/2019 – 12/2020

Stefan Kirchweger

The project is funded through the structural programm „Investitionen in Wachstum und Beschäftigung Österreich 2014-2020″, with funds from the European ERDF(European Regional Development Fund) and the Austrian state Upper Austria.