A new wind in STUDIA’s sails

February marked the beginning of a new chapter for STUDIA.

Wolfgang Baaske und Stefan Kirchweger stehen vor dem STUDIA-Rollup
Wolfgang Baaske und Stefan Kirchweger (v.l.n.r.)

After 39 years and at the age of 65, Wolfgang Baaske retired as Scientific Director.
He remains chairman of the STUDIA research association.
Thankfully, in the spirit of continuity, he has pledged his support to the team – also when it comes to projects.

Since 1.2.2022 DI. Dr. Stefan Kirchweger has been the scientific and operational director. He studied agricultural and food economics at the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences in Vienna. In 2015, he obtained his doctorate in social and economic sciences with distinction. In 2019, he joined STUDIA as project manager and used this time to fully acquaint himself with our way of working.

At his side are project manager Hannah Politor and project assistant Kathi Klinglmayr.

The team thanks Wolfgang Baaske for the wonderful and educative time and looks forward to the future of STUDIA.