Service profile

Our range of methods is diverse: statistical data analysis and modelling at farm and regional level, regional economic assessments, quality function deployment (QFD), qualitative and quantitative surveys, up to participation processes using approaches from design thinking, art of hosting and other creativity and moderation techniques.
Thematically, our focus is on developments in land and spatial use and their impact on the region and its actors. We look at the systems we research with a holistic and sustainable view, with the aim of finding all the important factors influencing the research object. Of great importance is the transfer of knowledge and empirical values internationally, transregionally – out of the region and into the region.

Important topics are:

  • regional economic cycles and supply
  • energy and raw materials supply
  • agriculture and forestry
  • ecosystem services
  • mobility and housing
  • efficiency of public administration
  • citizen participation and awareness raising