STUDIA Association

STUDIA has been registered and manage das a non-profit association since 1991. Its members are drawn from many areas of society. 

The Board members are

  • Dipl.-Math. Wolfgang Baaske (Chairman)
  • Dr. Dieter Goppold (Vice- Chairman)
  • Mag.a Martina Ammer-Grausgruber (Board member)
  • Univ. Prof. DI Dr. techn. Peter Filzmoser (Board member)
  • DI Dr. Stefan Kirchweger (Board member)
  • BRätin Bgm. Mag.a Bettina Lancaster (Board member)
  • Ing. Reinhold Limberger (Board member)
  • Univ. Prof. Dr. Gernot Stöglehner (Board member)

The auditors are

  • Mag. Johannes Brandl
  • Siegfried Pramhas