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STUDIA – Schlierbach
Studienzentrum für Internationale Analysen
Panoramaweg 1
4553 Schlierbach

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Chairman: Dipl.-Math. (Univ.) Wolfgang E. Baaske
Vice chairman: Dipl.-Ing. Ferdinad Reinthaler

This WebSite is an Initiative of Studia, the Studienzentrum für internationale Analysen, Panoramaweg 1, 4553 Schlierbach, Austria. The entire wording in respect to persons refers to both females and males even where this is not explicitly referred to in the text. The Studienzentrum für internationale Analysen operates this Website to inform the public on the subject “system analysis in society” and of current developments in this area of knowledge. Publication is permitted with a reference to the source, except for commercial purposes.

Exemption of liability
Our objective is to supply current and precise information. Should factual errors be brought to our attention we will make every effort to correct them. No liability of any kind is accepted. The data on this Website is in some cases linked to external Websites over which STUDIA has no influence and for which STUDIA can accept no responsibility. It cannot be ruled out that data and information on our Website is presented in files or formats that are not free from errors. We cannot guarantee nor accept liability for an interruption to our service or for its interruption from interference of other kinds.

Notification obligation under the E-Commerce Act: Name of the Association: STUDIA Schlierbach, Studienzentrum für internationale Analysen. ZVR-Zahl: (Associations Registration Number) 742926122. Foundation: 20.02.1996. Address: Panoramaweg 1, 4553 Schlierbach, Österreich.

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