Active Projects

  • Added value of mountain agriculture

    The aim of the project is to better valorise the presumed added value of mountain agriculture in the area of ecosystem services. To this end, …

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    Project title: Murtaler Reallabor Testing the energy transition in a selected district and making the process transferable to other regions in Austria – that is …

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  • LANA-Partizip

    Project title:Land management and nature conservation on alpine pastures and mountain meadows – a participatory economic observation (LANA-Partizip) For centuries Austria’s landscape has been shaped …

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  • Energiewende konkret

    two yellow circles on black background, touching each other. Text in left circle: "RE_SYS+PNS", Text in right circle "Die Toolbox für die Energiewende vor Ort"

    Concrete energy system transformation – regionally integrated with resource / energy and value added potential The main objective of the project is to be able …

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  • LTSER – Regional Point of Contact

    LTSER stands for Long-Term socio-ecological research. STUDIA is the node for LTSER communication in Upper Austria. Local actors should become aware of the opportunities related …

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