SUSTAINGAS – sustainable biogas production in organic farming

SUSTAINGAS aims at promoting sustainable biogas supply by positioning sustainable biogas products from organic farming.

Biogas is an important renewable energy vector with impressive growth and installation rates in the EU. However, production of biogas from organic farms is not sufficiently exploited up to now.

Today, organic farming is gaining importance in the EU providing a significant potential for sustainable biogas production. This potential has not been addressed sufficiently so far and these kind of farms are also in disadvantage as they have higher production costs. There are also concerns in the organic farming community regarding the potential impact of the anaerobic digestion process on the natural cycle. SUSTAINGAS will create a concrete model that can be applied in organic farming. Steps foreseen: set-up of a strategy to address the demands and barriers for an increased biogas production in organic farming; the elaboration of sustainability standards for biogas production in organic farming; the identification of best practice examples; the training of organic farmers and their representatives, biogas consultants and associations; and communication to the consumers.